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Maintenance is managed through tech user Submitted Reports, admin approved Completed Reports, and automatically generated Incomplete Reports.


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Logs of readings, reports, and potential failure data assists users to review historical data for an appropriate analysis of equipment and systems.


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Repairs are an essential part to any maintenance plan. Issue Tickets for repair requests assists users to follow up and complete repairs in a timely manner.

CM CMMS - Where just maintaining ends, and maintenance begins!



CM CMMS, a Computerized Maintenance Management System designed for preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance of facilities and assets.


CM CMMS works with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, and other browsers.




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‘Maintenance Done Right’

Ask yourself fifteen questions to understand how a maintenance cloud-based software program like CM CMMS can help you.

Whatever your answers are to the questions, CM CMMS can help you streamline your maintenance processes with its simplistic and practical approach. If your maintenance costs exceed your budgets or expectations, a CMMS managed system like CM CMMS can help you cut costs and add new life to your facility. We can help you if you have a small amount of equipment and systems, a large facility with high-volume equipment and multiple integrated systems, or multiple locations. CM CMMS can be the answer to your questions and the solution to your problems. We can help you add life and longevity to your equipment and systems by helping you provide the maintenance care necessary to make this happen.

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Contact a sales representative by calling +1-919-787-3989 or by clicking here.